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Scrubbing Hand Brush Set x 4, Vegetable Brush, Curved Tray Scrubber, Sisal Brush & Palm Bamboo, Kitchen Cleaning Gift, Birthday Gift

Scrubbing Hand Brush Set x 4, Vegetable Brush, Curved Tray Scrubber, Sisal Brush & Palm Bamboo, Kitchen Cleaning Gift, Birthday Gift

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Eco Friendly Dish Brush with Replaceable Heads, FSC Beechwood & Sisal | Pot Scrubbing, Washing Plate Scrubber, Eco Kitchen Cleaning Gift

Our Eco Friendly Dish Brush, high-quality Kitchen Brush, Pot Scrubbing Dish Brush is the perfect replacement for plastic-based scrubbing utensils in your home. Made with German Beechwood, Mexican Sisal and 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel.

Please do not accept cheaper alternatives sourced from elsewhere – I have heard horror stories of rusting handles and spinning heads!

Replacement heads for the Eco Friendly Dish Brush, Pot Scrubbing Dish Brush are available right here on this listing also, via the product type pulldown (if available).

Please note that you will need a toolkit to remove the metal coil holding the current head-on so that it may be loosened and the new one applied. The coils are a bit like those you find on sink plugs and are widely available from hardware stores if you find that over time it wears weak.

This Eco Friendly Dish Brush is great for cleaning pots and pans Built to last – strong stainless steel and quality Beechwood is a winning combination knocks plastic alternatives out of production Plastic Free, Zero Waste, Sisal Fibre bristles are very resistant to the elements and will keep scrubbing for months and months.

The perfect Kitchen Gift and introduction to echo alternatives.


You can add this also by using the "Starter Kit" dropdown option.

══ Usage ══
Scrub Pots, Dishes, Plates and Pans with this brush using your favourite eco-friendly soap.

══ Care Advice ══
- Avoid unnecessarily leaving submerged in water for long periods to avoid cracking
- Please hand wash and avoid using dishwashers
- Thoroughly rinse all soap away with water after use
- Allow to dry on a flat, clean surface with bristles facing downward
- Do not expose to flames as natural materials are flammable

══ Head Replacement ══
To replace the Sisal Dish Brush head, please be as gentle as possible to be safe:
1. Use Pliers to gently pinch the metal part.
2. Gently ease the head and handle in opposite directions until the used head becomes separate
3. Slot in a replacement head and prize the metal loop tight around the neck until the new head is tight and in its correct place.

══ Disposal ══
Reuse the “past their best” brush heads for other purposes such as sweeping exterior surfaces and scrubbing shoes etc.

Please reuse / recycle the stainless steel parts and then compost the rest where possible. If this isn’t an option, please recycle responsibly using the correct, available channels.

💚💚 All our products are shipped in plastic free, minimal, eco conscious packaging. 💚💚

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No matter how small the change you make to using more sustainable and eco friendly alternatives, every little helps to form part of a brighter future for us all.

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