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No Time For Waste

4 Piece Kitchen Washing Up Dish Brush Set Eco Friendly Zero Waste New Home Kitchen Cleaning Gift Sustainable Living Birthday

4 Piece Kitchen Washing Up Dish Brush Set Eco Friendly Zero Waste New Home Kitchen Cleaning Gift Sustainable Living Birthday

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All our products are sent to you in sustainable, biodegradable packaging. We have a minimal, zero waste approach in mind, where everything has a purpose and nothing is for show. 完 Kitchen Brush Washing Up Kit, 4 Piece Eco Friendly, Zero Waste, Value Set, New Years Eco Resolution Kitchen Gift | Sustainable Living 完

Start your journey in Waste eradication with our 4 Piece Sink Starter Bundle Kit! The ideal Birthday Gift.

The Kitchen Brush Washing Up Kit includes:

局1 x Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush with replaceable head, Stainless Steel & Wood-Brush & Handle
All-round great scrubber for pots and pans.

尬1 x Replacement Head for Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush, Sisal Fibre Bristles
Keep your scrubbing going for longer with this replacement head.

局1 x Beechwood Rounded Dish Brush with Coconut Fibre Bristles
Our second coconut brush is great for those wider areas such as soup bowls and large mugs.

尬1 x All Purpose All Natural Bamboo Sisal / Palm Fibre Bristled Scouring Brush
A strong, solid heavy-duty hand brush that is great for cleaning all sorts of surfaces including fruit and vegetables.

This Kitchen Brush Washing Up Kit includes everything you need to start replacing a large assortment of wasteful kitchen utensils in your kitchen while making sure your pots and pans are shiny and clean.

By buying this Scrubbing Brush Set, you are helping to reduce emissions, by consolidating orders, as well as saving you postage costs.

Item Specifics
Dimensions (mm) : Varies (see individual listings)
Weight (kg): Varies (see individual listings)
Brand: No Time For Waste
Materials used: Bamboo, Sisal, FSC Certified Beechwood, Stainless Steel, Coconut Fibres

Care of Natural Materials
A degree of care is required when using natural materials in place of plastic.
Materials such as bamboo are more susceptible to the elements, such as water, and should therefore be dried in well ventilated locations.
Please avoid leaving submerged in water for long periods and ensure that the item has plenty of air.
This way you will get the most out of your items.

All our products are shipped in plastic free, minimal, eco conscious packaging.

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No matter how small the change you make to using more sustainable and eco friendly alternatives, every little helps to form part of a brighter future for us all.

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