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No Time For Waste

Scrubbing Hand Brush Set x 4, Vegetable Brush, Curved Tray Scrubber, Sisal Brush & Palm Bamboo, Kitchen Cleaning Gift, Birthday Gift

Scrubbing Hand Brush Set x 4, Vegetable Brush, Curved Tray Scrubber, Sisal Brush & Palm Bamboo, Kitchen Cleaning Gift, Birthday Gift

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Scrubbing Hand Brush Kit Set x 4 | Vegetable Scrubbing Brush, Curved Tray Scrubber, Sisal Hand Brush & Palm Bamboo Brush - The perfect Zero Waste Gift.

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Scour away and start your journey in Waste destruction with our Scrubbing Hand Brush Kit Set!

This kit includes everything you need to replace a large assortment of wasteful kitchen utensils in your kitchen while making sure your pots and pans are shiny and clean.

You will scrub up nicely with this! The ideal way to begin your waste-free journey!

We consider this to be a great set for getting to the nitty gritty stubborn stains that need scouring away from those hard to reach areas.

The 4 Piece Scrubbing Hand Brush Kit Set includes:

1 x Mixed Vegetable Floor and Surface scouring brush, All Purpose Scrub Handmade Natural Sisal Agave & Coconut Fibre, Beechwood Grip
All-round great scrubber for any surface high and low. The classic, large eye shaped design allows for a broad scrub on large and small areas.
The pointed edge is ideal to reach and clean corners.

1 x Curved Edge Bread Tin Scouring and Scrubbing Brush, Bamboo All Purpose Scrubber Brush, Handmade Natural Sisal Agave Fibre Bristles
Hang this handy little brush from the neck of your tap. Ideal for scrubbing containers such as bread baking tins that have curved edges.

1 x Vegetable Scrubbing Brush, All Purpose All Natural Agave Sisal & Palm Fibre Bristled, Bamboo Handle
This handy little brush fits into the palm of your hand and has a mixture of Palm and Sisal fibres to give a vigorous scrub to get rid of those hard to shift stains
and food particles.

1 x Vegetable Scrubbing Brush, All Purpose All Natural Agave Sisal Fibre Bristled, Bamboo Handle
Same as above, but fully sisal to give a smoother and gentler finish for those jobs that need it.

By buying this Scrubbing Brush Set, you are helping to reduce emissions, by consolidating orders, as well as saving you postage costs.

Dimensions (mm) : Varies

Weight (kg): 295g

Brand: No Time For Waste

Materials used: Bamboo, Palm, Sisal, FSC Certified Beechwood, Stainless Steel, Coconut Fibres

🌱 Compostable
🌱 Plastic Free
🌱Eco Friendly

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Because of this reason, you need to be mindful of how you take care of them, so that you can get the most out of them!

Most of our goods are minimally coated, where needed and therefore can be prone to the elements. Problems such as mould can occur on natural materials, such as wood
so please allow your item to be well ventilated and not in contact with trapped moisture or stored straight after use in dark confines, such as cupboards or storage jars.

It is normal for natural materials such as wood to go discoloured. We keep our products as "close to nature" so that when they are finished with, you can reuse them as compost or firelighters.

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We recommend this where possible so that there is less contact and air can access the item from all angles.

With the right care, your product will last a very long time.

All our products are sent to you in sustainable, biodegradable packaging. We have a minimal, zero waste approach in mind, where everything has a purpose and nothing is for show.

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