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Teak Wood Kitchen Utensil Set x 6, Eco Friendly, High Quality Serving Spoon Set, Birthday Gift

Teak Wood Kitchen Utensil Set x 6, Eco Friendly, High Quality Serving Spoon Set, Birthday Gift

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High Quality Teak Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set x 6

Keep plastic out of the kitchen with this 6-piece luxury Teak wood kitchen utensil set.

This set contains:

1 x Serving Spoon (260mm)
1 x Serving Fork (260mm)
1 x Draining Spoon (280mm)
1 x Salad Spoon (240mm)
1 x Fish Slice (335mm)
1 x Spatula (310mm)

Weight: 435g (approx)

══ Better Times Ahead ══
Vegan 🥕🍅
Eco Friendly 🍃🍂
Sustainable 🌀🌀
Eco Conscious 🌄🌄
Cruelty Free 🐒🐵
Compostable 👌👌
Reusable 😇😃
Zero Plastic 🧡💛

══ Caring for your product ══

Our products are majorly made from natural materials and are designed to be as "close to nature" as possible after they have reached their end of life.
Because of this reason, you need to be mindful of how you take care of them, so that you can get the most out of them!

Most of our goods are minimally coated, where needed and therefore can be prone to the elements. Problems such as mould can occur on natural materials, such as wood
so please allow your item to be well ventilated and not in contact with trapped moisture or stored straight after use in dark confines, such as cupboards or storage jars.

It is normal for natural materials such as wood to go discoloured. We keep our products as "close to nature" so that when they are finished with, you can reuse them as compost or firelighters.

Some of our goods allow for the application of rope, vine or string so that you can hang them up.
We recommend this where possible so that there is less contact and air can access the item from all angles.

With the right care, your product will last a very long time.

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No matter how small the change you make to using more sustainable and eco friendly alternatives, every little helps to form part of a brighter future for us all.

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